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Beautifully styled bedrooms at Coconut Climb, Seychelles.


Are you wheel chair friendly?

> The Villa’s are not wheel chair friendly. But in Villa 1 You can drive up to the front door and the one room is level with the entrance should you have someone elderly or unable to climb up and down stairs easily, it is recommended you book this Villa. 


Do you allow pets?

> No, pets are not allowed.


Is Breakfast Included?

> No, it is not - you will be given a welcome pack for your first day - thereafter we recommend you go to the local supermarket to purchase your meals. Should you have any special requests for items to stock, please communicate with the Hostess/Manager  and they  will arrange and bill you accordingly.


Is there TV in the bedrooms?

> No, but there is a TV in each Lounge of each Villa


Are the bedrooms air-conditioned?

> Yes, all the bedrooms are air-conditioned.


Do we need to bring our own towels?

> No, we supply shower/bath, and swimming towels whilst staying with us.


Are you able to do Transfers?

> Yes, we can arrange this - please communicate with The Hostess/Manager  and they  will arrange and bill you accordingly.


Do you have a Restaurant?

> No, this is a self-catering villa so we do not  have a restaurant - you will be given a list of local restaurants on check in.

Do you allow extra people in the rooms?

> All of our rooms cater for two guests, if the room is able to accommodate an extra person there will be an extra charge. Please communicate with The Hostess/Manager  and they  will arrange and bill you accordingly.

Do you have adjoining rooms?

> No, we do not have adjoining rooms.

Do you offer accommodation all year round?

> Yes, the accommodation at Coconut Climb is open all year round.


How far is the Beach?

> Beauvallon Beach is the closest and about a ten minute drive via le Niol -a little longer via Victoria. You will be given a map of Seychelles with The Hostess/Manager  and they will advise you of the best beaches to go to.


Are there trails to walk on?

> Yes, there are trails - The Hostess/Manager  and they  will show you these trails on the map.


Would we need transport to get around?

> It would be best to hire a vehicle to access the areas around the island - when you book a list of local car hires will be given to you.


What currency is used in Seychelles?

> The Seychelles Rupee is the Currency. You can exchange your money at any local foreign exchange - there are many in Victoria as well as at any bank. 


Do most shops take Credit Cards?

> It is best to carry a small amount of cash on you - some of the stores do take credit cards, but not all of them.


Are umbrellas available should it rain?

> Unfortunately not. We suggest you bring one along just in case..


What about washing and ironing?

> Each Villa has a laundry so you can do this at any time - we will have the soap needed available on request.


Do you supply bath soap, shampoos, etc ?

> We do not supply these items - it is recommended you bring your own.


Do you supply toilet paper?

> Yes, this we do supply.

Do you allow Events?

> No, we do not allow Events.

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